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Are You Squatting Correctly?

In my opinion, squats are a good exercise to do with many great benefits. However, only when you are performing correctly!

Here is a checklist I like to use when I am squatting, whether it is an air squat or with a weight correct form is important.

Step 1: Establish your stance. Your feet should be shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Your ankles should be rolled outwards (think of a tripod). If your ankles roll inwards this will also affect your knee and hip, which can increase the risk for injuries.

When lifting, evenly distribute your weight between three points (heel, big toe, little toe). This will improve your stability, which can help you especially when lifting heavy.

Step 4: Stand tall and brace your core (taking 1/2 a breath can help).

Step 5: Lead with your glutes, always!


  • Remember not everyone will look the same at the bottom of their squat.

  • If lifting with a weight, establish your grip first before everything else.

  • It is always good to warm up with just the bar first.

Sometimes all it takes to improve your performance is asking for advice from a sports or physio therapist, coach, or personal trainer. There is always room for improvement!

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