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3 Reasons Why Proper Workout Form is Important

Let’s admit it, most times when we decide to workout (at the gym or at home), we are more focused on our physical appearance or hitting the heaviest weights quickly. However, have you ever checked on how you move during a workout? Is it efficient, safe, and effective? Here are 3 reasons why proper form is important.

  1. Decreases the risk of injuries

Incorrect form can increase the risk of any injuries to occur during a workout. Performing with proper form means that you will be performing consistently, meaning doing the same thing the same way every single time. Injuries tend to occur from doing repetitive movements with incorrect technique. Think about it this way, if we are overloading the joints and muscles excessively with improper form, the tissues are constantly getting damaged over a period of time resulting in an overuse injury. For example, one of the common myths is that deadlifts cause lower back pain. However, research shows that performing deadlifts with correct form do not lead to lower back injuries.

TIP #1: Focus on quality over quantity first. Start off with low weights and reps while you master your form. Once you feel comfortable, start to increase weights and work your way up. Remember, there is no need to rush.

  1. Increases your performance

Correct technique improves athletic performance. If we are using improper form during a workout, we will not be getting the best optimum results we are looking for. If we are performing with improper form, this can mean that we are targeting unintended muscles. When working out, it’s important to learn which specific exercises targets what muscle groups. Once we get that down, we will be performing with better efficiency. The better form you have, the better your results will be. You will be able to reach your goals faster.

TIP #2: Sorry to say, but rest days are important! Do not skip them. Rest days will help prepare your muscles for the next workout and reduce muscle fatigue. As muscles recover, they adapt and become stronger. This will prevent a workout plateau and overtraining.