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About Me

Hi, I'm Kia Smith! A qualified Sports Therapist (accredited by the Society of Sports Therapy) and founder of Reactive Sports Therapy. I graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2019. From being a dancer from the age of 5, I sustained an injury during my early teenage years, which heavily contributed to my interest and passion in perusing a degree in sports therapy. From this experience, I'm much more empathetic towards individuals in pain and have a greater understanding of how much of an impact an injury and/or dysfunction can affect an individual’s daily life. This alone drives me to continually advance and improve both my knowledge and skill set to ensure that I'm providing the best treatment to all clients — learning never stops!


I offer a wide range of services including sports massage, injury rehabilitation and prevention, joint mobility, kinesiotaping, pain management, and corrective exercise. My services can benefit both athletes and non-athletes. With an interest in exercise, health, and nutrition, I believe movement is key to both physical and mental well-being. Our bodies are designed to move! Moving safe and efficiently in everything we do, can help reduce the risk of any injury. I love helping individual’s return to doing what they love to do pain free and performing at their best! As a Sports Therapist, I can help prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage an injury. I know that there’s nothing worse than being in pain, so take the first step towards your recovery and book an appointment now!


Let’s Work Together


Ready to improve the way you move, and live pain free, so you can continue to do the things you love? Get in touch so we can start working together. Please provide as much detail as possible to allow us to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Please note that we operate by appointment only and do not accept walk-ins.

Trott and Duncan Building, 17A Brunswick St, Hamilton HM10, Bermuda

+1 (441) 705-7868

Online Website Booking / Email / Whatsapp Preferred

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