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Our Services

Sports Therapists are here to understand all your needs! We help you to take care of your body by performing hands-on therapy and providing correct exercises. We will work with you to prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage any injuries (sport or non-sport related) to ensure you are performing at your best daily! Having an active approach to injury and recovery is important.


Our Prices

Sports Therapy Initial Consultation and Treatment

We provide treatment to reduce pain, prevent and manage injuries or dysfunctions, and help you recover faster. Your initial session includes a full assessment, report of findings, treatment plan, and first treatment (if applicable).

PLEASE NOTE: ALL new clients visiting the clinic for an injury, are required to book this service for their first appointment to allow for a thorough assessment before treatment. Please allow up to an hour for your appointment.


Sports Massage

Get a head start to recovery! Whether you play sports or go to the gym, you can customize a sports massage to fit your busy active lifestyle. An active sports recovery massage is a highly effective method using various techniques including trigger point therapy, friction, and active stretching to release any tension of overused, tight, and stressed muscles. 


Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

Sometimes changes to your lifestyle or training program is enough to make a difference and get you on the road to recovery. Our goal is to keep you active during treatment and design a personalized rehabilitation program for you.  



Pain, soreness, or injury in muscles, tendons, or ligaments can limit your daily lifestyle or fitness routine. K-tape is designed to be beneficial for the treatment, management, and the prevention of injuries, and performance enhancement.


Cupping Therapy

At Reactive, we provide cupping therapy to relieve tension and promote muscle recovery. Cupping is an alternative therapy that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction encourages circulation, alleviates scar tissue and adhesions, increases range of motion and mobility, relieves pain, and encourages tissues to release toxins.

(60 min)


SPorts Massage
(90 min / 60 min / 30 min)

$185 / $160 / $125

Sports therapy follow up
(60 min / 30 min)

$75 / $50

CUpping Therapy (30 min)



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Let's Work Together

Ready to improve the way you move, and live pain free, so you can continue to do the things you love? Get in touch so we can start working together.

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